standard-title Instrumentation Engineering Deliverables

Instrumentation Engineering Deliverables

  • Procurement activities for field instruments ( Level/ temperature/ flow/pressure/ analytical/ control valves/ actuated valves) and control systems –DCS/ESD/ Fire and gas / CMS/MMS, etc.

    • Enquiry Specifications

    • Vendor offer evaluation

    • Technical Bid Evaluation

    • Order Specification

    • Approval of vendor documents

  • 3 D modelling for instrumentation

  • Co-ordination for engineering of packages

  • Interface with other disciplines

  • Instrument Design Basis

  • Instrument cum I/O list

  • Instrument functional loop schematics, Logic diagrams

  • Process / pneumatic hook-ups.

  • Installation sketches, Level Sketches

  • Installation Tender, MTO.

    instrumentation eng

  • JB,Cable schedule/drum schedule / tube schedule

  • Layouts : Main cable tray layout, Instrument location layout

  • Control room layout.

  • Instrument Earthing Schematics.

We provide Instrumentation engineering deliverables in SPI (Intools)/Microsoft Excel / Word etc. as per client requirements.