• Electrical Design Basis.

  • Enquiry specifications for Electrical equipments : MCC, VFDs, PDB, LDB, Light fittings, PB stations, Heat tracing panels etc.

  • Vendor offer evaluation, Technical bid analysis, preparation of order specifications .

  • Vendor drawing review and approval, Factory acceptance test.

  • Single line diagrams and Cable block diagrams.

  • Preparation of cable schedule and drum schedule. 

  • Preparation of Bill of materials for cable trays, earthing, lighting.

  • Calculations: Cable sizing, earthing and lightning etc.

  • Layouts- Electrical Cable tray and equipment location layout, MCC room layouts, Earthing and lightning protection layouts, lighting layouts.

Ryka Engineering Solutions provides special engineering services for:

  • Automatic Tank Gauging System for Custody Transfer & Inventory Application

  • Custody Transfer Flow Metering Systems

  • Motor Operated Valves with Intelligent Actuators

  • Control system and Electrical interface for Intelligent Motor Control Centre / Power control centre

  • Intrinsically Safe calculations

  • Third Party Control system interfaces – for packages

Ryka Engineering Solutions  has varied experience in execution of control system engineering.

Our Control system engineering services contain:

Enquiry /order specification, vendor offer evaluation, technical bid evaluation,  system vendor drawing approval, instrument cum I/O list, control system architectures,  logic diagrams, DCS  functional loop schematics, Factory Acceptance Test ,Site Acceptance Test of DCS / PLC / Emergency shut down systems, HIPPS , Fire and Gas detection system, MMS,CMS,BMS etc.

Communication protocols we dealt with –HART, MODbus, Profibus, ASIbus, DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus, Wireless etc.

Our exposure to Control system communication technologies and experience of working with all major Control system manufacturers gives us the edge while working as ideal solution provider in this area.

Ryka Engineering Solutions  provides below value added services:

  • Instrumentation installation services through our trusted construction-contractors.

  • Other multi- discipline services through our business associates of similar industry experience and quality driven approach.

Field Instrumentation:To obtain reliable process information of the plant, proper instrument specification and engineering becomes crucial. Ryka Engineering Solutions  has varied experience in execution of procurement engineering for field instrumentation.

Our engineering services in this area contain: Instrument selection, Enquiry /order specification, Vendor offer evaluation, Technical Bid Evaluation,  drawing approval of various Instruments of :

  • Valves: Control valves, ON-OFF valves , Pressure Safety Valves, Special valves like Knife gate, Angle valves etc.

  • Field instruments:

Flow: Orifice plate assemblies, Various Massflow meters, Vortex flow meters, Electro-magnetic flow meters, Ultrasonic flow meters , PD meters, Turbine flow meters, V-cone meters etc.

Level : Differential type level transmitters , Various type of Radar level transmitters, Displacer type level transmitters, Capacitance type level transmitters Ultrasonic level transmitters, Nucleonic level transmitters,  Servo level measurement, Various type of level gauges, etc.

Temperature : Various types of  Temperature elements, transmitters, gauges, Skin temperature measurements, Multi-point temperature elements  etc.

Pressure : Various types of  pressure transmitters, Pressure gauges etc.

Analytical : Various types of  Gas/ Liquid analysers, Analyser systems/ shelters etc.

  • We provide Instrumentation engineering deliverables in SPI (Intools)/Microsoft Excel / Word etc. as per client requirements.

  • For multi-discipline interface –physical distance between the disciplines is not limit for us. We have experience to execute the interfaces very effectively even across the countries with electronics tools like remote computer sharing, video conference calls etc.


  • Field Engineering:

Ryka Engineering Solutions  provides engineering service for :

3D modelling for Instrumentation, related interdisciplinary interfaces, Instrument cable layouts,  Instrument  location layout, Fire and gas layouts, MCT layouts, Process/ pneumatic Hook ups, JB/Cable/panel termination/drum schedules, Cable block diagrams etc. Field engineering deliverables.


Ryka Engineering Solutions is a customer oriented firm who provides engineering services for global clients.

We are well equipped with various international standards, updated technologies and recommended engineering practices.

We can confront the engineering challenges of an increasingly complex and unpredictable process industry market with a reasonable confidence.

We provide:

  • Instrumentation and Electrical engineering services for Process Industry.

  • Instrumentation and Electrical installation services through our trusted construction-contractors.

  • Other multi- discipline services through our business associates of same industry experience.



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Petrochemical Plants

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Pharmaceutical Industry

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